ICBC Announces their Most Bizarre Insurance Scams of 2014

The temptation to scam an insurance corporation can be strong, as the potential payout can be large. Keep in mind that fraud is not only illegal, but it also has strong consequences in the insurance and legal world. It can be a reason for an insurance company to breach your insurance, which could leave you not only in the dire situation of being uninsured but also responsible for court costs and legal expenses of the other side and ICBC themselves. You might also end up getting prosecuted criminally or fined.

The above noted article from CBC is written in a bit of a sensationalist tone. It equates people trying to change their insurance coverage after the fact to time travel. That being said, it does highlight the extent that insurance companies are willing to go to catch a fraudster. The are using social media and cell phone records as well as DNA evidence. Insurance companies have deep pockets, and to create deterrents, they are often willing to spend far more catching a fraudster than they can recover.

At the end of the day, however, it’s the insurance payer who is also responsible for paying for fraud. ICBC is funded by your payments, which means the honest premium payer pays many of the expenses investigating fraudulent claims and their payouts.

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