RCMP pull over couple engaged in sexual act while driving. License & registration take longer than expected to produce.

Richmond RCMP recently pulled over a couple engaged in a sexual act while driving.


Richmond RCMP  provided the following Tweet about the situation: 

In reply to a follow up Tweet asking if the couple had received a ticket, Richmond RCMP simply Tweeted back “Yes”. The driver was given a $368 ticket for driving without due care and attention and a $167 fine for a seat belt violation. The driver would most likely have been ticketed under the following sections of the Motor Vehicle Act:

Careless driving prohibited

144  (1) A person must not drive a motor vehicle on a highway

(a) Without due care and attention,

Seat belt assembly


(4) A person in a motor vehicle being driven or operated on a highway must, if the motor vehicle has properly attached to it a seat belt assembly for the seating position occupied by that person, wear the complete seat belt assembly in a properly adjusted and securely fastened manner.

From a lawyer’s perspective, although this story has a humorous angle, this amounts to some pretty reckless behaviour. It’s always best to avoid an accident in the first place and avoid legal proceedings all together

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